Agency, Care, Maintenance: A Workshop

Wed 5 December, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Martin Hall Exhibition Space

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This relaxed, informal workshop will allow people to collectively explore their research into, interest in and practices of care in response to Assunta Ruocco’s research project and exhibition Co-Working with Things, which focuses on how the furnished spaces we inhabit contribute to our work. (Or, alternatively, you can just come and listen: there’s no requirement to contribute!). Assunta’s project examines both the work that things do, when they are arranged as furnished spaces such as homes, studios, workshops; and the reproductive work involved in furnishing working spaces and maintaining them. Assunta developed a series of practice based approaches through which she investigated ideas from amongst others feminist Autonomist theorist Silvia Federici, new materialist philosopher Karen Barad and philosopher of technology Gilbert Simondon. Together we’ll try to trace the (dis)connections between her work and our different approaches, interests and methods in order that we might challenge and enrich each others’ practices. We hope that this might be the first of a semi-regular series exploring feminist and materialist perspectives on contemporary art practice. If you’re interested in coming, please email David Bell (


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